Through marketing, mentoring, and community service, Rovotics strives to attract new student interest in the design and development of ROVs. To further this interest, press releases are sent out to local news outlets, including newspapers, online media platforms, and TV stations. We are featured on a local CBS station as well as in the Sacramento Business Journal. More importantly, we value serving our community by demonstrating what we do best, designing and building ROVs. Mentors and employees volunteer at the California Capital Airshow with the STEM (Science, Engineering, Technology, and Math) foundation. There, we inform families about ROV systems and how it applies to technology today. We assist at local robotics competitions, provide tours of our lab, and inform visitors about ROVs and the MATE competition. In addition, instructors mentor teams on any issues that are troubling their robotics clubs. Jesuit Robotics employees further enhance their knowledge and understanding of ROVs by visiting real world company headquarters including Schilling Robotics and OpenROV.