STEM is important because the world depends on it. From banking to construction, STEM is always the backbone. Right now 2.4 million STEM jobs are projected to go unfilled this year. This lack of workers will prove to be a problem as our society relies more and more on technology in all factors of our life.


STEM jobs pay well. The media earning for STEM jobs is $39 an hour. Large companies are going to the extremes to hire good workers, with corporations such as Google or Facebook paying engineers massive salaries. The best part? STEM jobs are growing. With more and more STEM industries growing, such as AI and machine learning, the job market just keeps getting bigger. 


STEM education at a young age is important. Just like MBA players played basketball as children, STEM activities in early childhood can help foster a love and a passion for STEM. Right now, only a quarter of all K-12 schools offer computer science or coding classes. This means that a very large population of children are never exposed to this curriculum. This leaves it up to the kids, or their parents, to be proactive about STEM learning. Here at Robotics, we help foster that love. With a variety of materials for learning about STEM (including this blog), theres something for everyone. Even better, our inbox is always open for you to inquire about the hottest STEM activity right now.

The STEM industry is only growing. With so many resources online to learn about STEM, theres no reason not to. Even better, let us know how we can help. At the end of the day, STEM education is never too late, but its much better to be early.