One of the best ways to seamlessly incorporate STEM into your daily lessons is through books. For years books about technical subjects (like science, technology, engineering, and math) have gotten a bad rep, being perceived as boring, fact-heavy, and lifeless. Inspire your student or kid in STEM with these engaging books, designed to inspire and teach!


  1. This is Not a Math Book: “Math and art, as different as night and day, right? Wrong! This is Not a Math Book shows how math can be beautiful and art can be numerical. Amazing patterns with a mathematical basis will be revealed as you follow the simple activity instructions. And you’ll learn incredible math facts as you draw the beautiful designs. A real eye-opener for kids of all ages with an artistic bent who think that math is dry and boring, while math enthusiasts will discover new ways to be creative.” (9 yrs +) $14.99 

  2. This is not a Science Book: “This innovative activity book develops science knowledge through drawing, sketching, making, and coloring. From mapping out bones in the body to building amazing spinning rotocopters, the stimulating activities will get brains ticking and pens scribbling. This is NOT a science book…or is it?” (9 yrs +) $14.99 

  3. Engineer Academy:  “Packed full of great illustrations, fun facts, and absorbing activities, it guides readers through each strand of engineering science – Mechanics, Aerospace, Robotics, Energy, and Materials. Practical projects, each carefully designed to introduce the kinds of skills required by real-life engineers, help kids pick up the basics in a fun, hands-on way. Design a robot, learn how to construct a simple car, create levers and pulleys, build paper planes, plus many other educational and inspirational activities – the sky’s the limit!” (7 yrs +) $12.99

  4. Coder Academy: “Discover the essential skills required on the way to becoming a computer coding expert in this innovative activity book, encouraging imaginative play and problem solving. The fresh, contemporary artwork helps to make basic coding concepts accessible.” (7 yrs +) $12.99 

  5. Be the Change, Make it Happen: “Big and small ways kids can change the world.You can be a hero, if you want. Yes, YOU. You might not know it, but you have a lot of power: little actions that you make can have big consequences. This book details all the little and large ways anyone can help make a difference, in their neighborhood, in their country, in the world! From helping the planet through recycling and saving water, to promoting important causes with awesome art exhibitions, to partying to raise money for charity, there are tons of ideas for ways to kids to get their voices heard and make an impact on issues that are important to them. Be the change, be a hero.” (7 yrs +) $14.99 

  6. Discovery Adventures Complete Library Collection: “With easy-to-read text, colorful photographs, and picture strip illustrations, these books are ideal for reluctant readers who prefer fact to fiction. Includes internet links to websites with video clips and more information. This collection includes the library editions of the following titles: Artificial Intelligence, Cycling, Deadly Animals, Drones, Spying, and Survival.” (8 yrs +) $84.99 

  7. Coding for Beginner using Python: An introduction to coding for complete beginners, this friendly and accessible book will teach children the basics of Python (a widely used programming language), allowing them to get inside the code of their computer and create simple games and animations on screen. (9 yrs +) $14.99 

  8. The World of the Microscope: World of the Microscope investigates the enormous variety of objects too small for the eye to see, from insects to microchip circuits. Step-by-step diagrams show how to get the best from a microscope and how to make and keep slides. The book covers different types of microscopes, from magnifying glasses to electron microscopes, and there are plenty of exciting suggestions for projects which reveal the incredible detail of everyday objects. The book also contains a section on the use of microscopes in science and industry. (10 yrs +)  $8.99 Coming Soon! 

  9. How to Win A Nobel Prize: When Mary stumbles on a secret meeting of Nobel Prize winners, Dr. Barry Marshall agrees to travel with her through time to learn the secrets behind some of the most fascinating and important scientific discoveries. They talk time and space with Albert Einstein, radiation with Marie Curie, DNA with Crick, Watson and Wilkins – and more. Fun science experiments included! (8 yrs +) $6.99 Coming Soon! 

  10. Book of Astronomy and Space: This updated edition shows you the universe, using the latest amazing information from astronomers around the world, and space probes around the galaxy. This book includes practical information on home astronomy and buying and using equipment. (8 yrs +) $14.99